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Easily connect with your followers.

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Easy Portfolio Linking

Upload and share your portfolio in minutes.

Share Market Data

Share charts, trades, watchlists, stats and more without leaving the chat.

Scalable Chats

Public and private groups with channels

Patreon Integration

 Coming Soon 

Followers get access when they subscribe.

Ambassador Program

Refer 20+ people or grow a group chat to more than 100 members, and you'll be eligible for the Ambassador Program.

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Stock Option Plan

Get added to Vesti's stock option plan.

Verified Ambassador Tag

Get a verified ambassador tag and start building a following.

Chat with Management

Access 24/7 chat with Vesti management for support and feature requests.

Grow your audience.

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Perfectly Targeted Audience

Every Vesti user is a social trader looking for investing knowledge.

New Ways to Share

Share detailed updates on your portfolio, watchlists of hot stocks, trade alerts and more.

Growing Fast

We're adding new users everyday.

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