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The social ecosystem

See what your friends are investing in.

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Chat with friends and creators.

Chat with large and small groups that match your interests and strategy.


Built-in Sharing

Share charts, trades, watchlists, stats and more without leaving the chat.

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Private Groups

Share portfolios, trades and stock data without leaving the chat.

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Public Groups

Join public communities to talk about companies, industries and investing strategies.


Public Forums

Discuss trending stocks and crypto with everyone on Vesti.

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Connect your portfolio.

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Percentages only

Dollar values for holdings and trades are never shared.

Customized Privacy Settings

Share only what you choose with

three privacy settings.

In-app Trading

 Coming soon 

Send trades directly to your brokerage from Vesti.

Vesti securely connects to your existing brokerage accounts.

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Discover verified investors and trends.

Trending groups and forums

Join popular groups and trending stock forums.

Top performing investors

Follow verified portfolios and get trade alerts.

Platform sentiment analytics

See what stocks and crypto are being mentioned now.


Follow watchlists from top investors and test strategies with watchlists that track returns.

Vesti Features

Bank-level security

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Securely Connected Portfolios

We partner with Plaid to provide fully secured brokerage connections.

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Data Encryption

We use Transport Layer Security (TLS) to protect all of your personal and brokerage data.

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We never sell your data

We do not sell your personal and financial data to financial institutions or advertisers.

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